Pantxo Indart's Portrait

« Sobriety is a favourable option that provides a calm, stress-free life. Happiness is not within our possession, it is not to have it but to be it. » Pierre Rabhi


The land that I farm came from my great grandfather who was a shepherd. My grandfather was the first in line to plant vines. He transformed and commercialised his own wine.

My father took over from him. In 1958, he decided to stop vinification and sell his harvest to the Irouleguy wine cellar.

From a young age, all through the year, I was constantly by his side to carry out the work in the vineyard. He knew how to transfer this passion for vines to me.

When he retired, in 1974, I took over the family torch. There were only 60 square metres of vines left. I decided to pair it with livestock breeding (cows, chickens...).

In 1988 the milk quotas made my cattle farm unsustainable. So I took the risk in completely abandoning livestock breeding to devote myself to the vine yard. I planted 4 hectares of red grape varieties. I followed on from this momentum in 1995 by planting 1.35 hectares of white grape varieties.

At that time I was only allowed to plant 1 hectare per year. When a part of my vine produced grapes, I had to plant again. It was a real obstacle course.

Since 2005 and after a lot of thought, I converted the vineyard to organic farming. Requiring more work, this type of farming is easier to talk about than to do. The challenge has become ongoing between time, the plant and myself...

And now my son Bixente plans to take over the family torch!


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Our wines


The wines from the Cellar are the fruit of the work and the values from which the wine growers and the members of the cooperative personally identify themselves.

Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Nos vins d'irouleguy


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


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