Who are we ?

In 1952, at the instigation of Alexandre Bergouignan and Pierre Minjonnet, 9 wine growing enthusiasts decided to join forces in a Cooperative in order to promote the development of their production through their union It was the founding act which gave birth to today’s structure.

In 1970 the momentum was definitely highlighted by the recognition of Irouléguy wines into the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée) structure.

The Irouleguy Wine Cellar represents 60% of the planted surfaces of the appellation (in other words 150 hectares to date) and markets 650 000 bottles per year.

The wine growing cooperative members give all their production to the Irouleguy Wine Cellar whilst renouncing all individual commercialisation. For the customer it guarantees the highest level of quality and the greatest consistency of the wines from the Wine Cellar.This ethic of quality and work well done motivates our 39 AOC wine growers associated in the cooperative.

An ethic shared by the fifteen collaborators whose dynamism and business mind has always lead the wines from the Irouleguy Wine Cellar to greater success in France as well as on the foreign markets.


Our values



By creating quality, the Irouleguy Wine Cellar enables small exploitations inland of the Basque country to make a living, preserves jobs and the economic activity in a rural environment whilst preserving the land.

The Irouleguy Wine Cellar wanted to develop the classic governance of a cooperative by participative democracy through which the wine growers and the employees exchange and debate within the commissions about their profession, about the improvement of their cultural practices, about the research and the innovation to be taken into account to improve the quality of our wines and about the development of the range and the commercial circuits.

This cooperative spirit enables us to develop quality wines due to the work done beforehand in the vineyard and then in the wine warehouse during the vinification and from the maturing of the wines which are finally packaged and sold with care and respect for the client.

Our wines


The wines from the Cellar are the fruit of the work and the values from which the wine growers and the members of the cooperative personally identify themselves.

Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Nos vins d'irouleguy


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


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