Grape varieties

The red grape varieties represent almost 90% of the surfaces planted.


Tannat, in basque Bordelesa Beltza « the black Bordeaux ». A Historical Grape variety from the appellations of the South West of France, it represents the majority of the black grape surfaces of the Irouléguy vine yard. It gives our wines a balanced tannic structure along with a red berry typicity (blackcurrant, strawberry).

Cabernet Franc, in basque Axeria « the fox ». This grape variety native to the Basque Country brings aromatic finesse and elegance to the wines. It is characterised by red berry, violet and spicy notes.

Cabernet Sauvignon, in basque Axeria Handia « the big fox ». Marginal grape variety in the appellation, yields wines with character and brings structure and volume along with aromas of blackberry, chocolate and sometimes pepper.  


The white grape varieties represent a little more than 10% of the surfaces planted.


Gros Manseng, in basque Izkiriota. A typical grape variety from the extreme South West of France, it represents the main part of the white grape appellation surfaces. It is characterised by a beautiful aromatic freshness. Its quince and apricot aromas often accompany a spicy floral note.

Petit Manseng, in basque Izkiriota Ttipia. This grape variety offers power and volume to the wine. The aroma is intense with notes of citrus, exotic fruits and truffles. This wine surprises the palate by its freshness, its aromatic length and its greatly complex finish.

Petit Courbu, in basque Xuri Zerratia « short white clusters ». A rare grape variety in the appellation, it isn’t really found in any other part of France. This grape variety brings suppleness, roundness and smoothness with aromatic notes often mineral.

Our wines


The wines from the Cellar are the fruit of the work and the values from which the wine growers and the members of the cooperative personally identify themselves.

Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Nos vins d'irouleguy


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


Vins Irouleguy. Vin rouge.


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