Rosés 2018, discover this new vintage

Rosés 2018, discover this new vintage


The rosés 2018 from the Wine Cellar and their fruity notes will delight your palates! The organic Kattalingorri, Mignaberry or Argi, each one is characterised by its aromatic richness. Their common denominateur: The Irouleguy vines..

In October, after the harvests that were exclusively manual, the wine growers gave us their grapes. Once the grapes are pressed, the juice extracted is put into vats and gradually transforms into alcohol. 

After several months of vinification, a team made up of winegrower members and employees get together in order to assemble and create the future rosés. In the cooperative spirit, each assemblage is carried out with the desire to create a well-balanced, gourmet rosé, reflecting the Irouleguy Wine Cellar.

The uniqueness and charm of each vintage takes shape at this moment. For this 2018 vintage, the choice has fallen on a Tannat dominant associated with a Cabernet Franc and a Cabernet Sauvignon for the Argi and the Kattalingorri, and on a wonderful balance of grape varieties for the Mignaberry.  

Upon tasting, the Argi 2018 is characterised by an aromatic intensity and rich fruit aromas. The organic Kattalingorri is very fresh, with strawberry and blackcurrant notes, with a beautiful long aromatic finish. The Mignaberry is appreciated for its full body and its fruity balance.

Like all rosés, they are best consumed young. It is not necessary to leave them to mature in a cellar. 

This 2018 vintage is a success for all the cooperative members and will reveal wonderful surprises for our reds and whites. These wines are the fruit of a collective labour to give you a moment of pleasure, all that remains is the tasting!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation