White irouleguy food and wine pairing

What to eat with a white Irouleguy wine?


Going beyond the well-known food and wine pairs, it is not an easy thing to find the ideal wine to go with your dish. Finding the perfect alliance is well worth the effort because a beautiful combination gives a totally different scope to your cuisine. The balance is fragile, but thanks to a successful marriage, dishes and wine are enhanced by each other and reveal all of their complexities. 

Whether you are a pairing explorer or an adept for the classics, the choice is vast. To avoid errors, we will suggest a few ideas to impress your guests with a white Irouleguy wine at the dining table, from the starter to the desert. 


The white wines from the Appellation are very sought after nowadays. The union of the typical South West grape varieties the Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and the Petit Courbu give our wines a balance between an aromatic and fresh complexity. Even though every vintage is unique, there are similarities between all of our white Irouleguy wines. 

‘The mineral purety from the cristalline terroir of the appellation have become the trademark of the white Irouleguy wines’ stated Romain Iltis, (Best Sommelier in France 2015), in the magazine RVF in 2019. The Irouleguy white wines are dry wines, aromatically intense with a beautiful acidity and a long finish. Young, these wines are characterised by exotic fruit notes, notably pineapple and citrus fruits. Their complexity grows as they get older or during maturing, developing white flower notes, hints of honey, spices and even truffles in the oldest millésimes. The aromatic complexity, the natural tension and their subtle finesse permits the Irouleguy white wines to accompany a great diversity of refined dishes, both savoury or sweet. 


Xuri: With this wine’s aromatic strength with exotic fruit notes and full-bodied on the palate, the Xuri is a wine that will delight your guests. Its powerful aromas mean it goes well with rich dishes, such as grilled trout or a vegetable curry. For a flawless moment with this vintage, combine it with a Chicken Supreme, the result is guaranteed. You can even try it with cheese ! Going beyond the classic red wine – a cheese plate, the Xuri will surprise you with an Ossau Iraty (Basque cheese made from Ewes milk) or a Comté cheese.

Lehia: the smoothness on the palate and its floral notes make Lehia THE wine for special dishes. Even though it is a dry white wine, it pairs marvelously well with a foie gras due to its velvety and dense texture. Combined with a Cep mushroom risotto or grilled Coquille St Jacques scallops, the union will delight your guests during a festive meal. As for the desert, the Lehia goes well with dishes that are low in sugar, we recommend with an exotic fruit pavlova, ideal to end the meal on a fresh note. 

White Kattalin: This organic white wine offers an aromatic and flavoursome saline finish. A seafood platter or sushis paired with a white Kattalin wine make successful matches, where the salty notes will coat your palate. As for the starter, it will perfectly accompany a prawn and grapefruit salad or vegetable raviolis. Cheese are also its allies; it goes well with a fresh brebis cheese or a Crottin de Chavignol goat’s cheese. 

White Mignaberry: Its acidity and freshness give this white wine an elegant balance. Sublime with fresh fish such as a salmon ceviche and a seabream tartare, or with a white meat like a chicken ballotine. For the end of a dinner, the Mignaberry will reveal all its aromas with a fruit salad, amongst acidic freshness and citrus notes. 


In short, the white Irouléguy is a good choice when you want to highlight your dishes. It can accompany you throughout the meal, it’s up to you to find the perfect match! 

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