Pairing dishes wine irouleguy rose

What dishes pair with an Irouléguy rosé?


A symbol of sunshine and aperitifs amongst friends, rosé wine is essential for our summers! It would be a shame to limit the Irouleguy rosé to a simple fresh and fruity wine to be drunk only for an aperitif. Our rosés are very different from what you would find in other vineyards, they have a balance and a concentration that enables them to accompany a large choice of dishes from the aperitif to the dessert. 

In October, after the exclusively manual harvests, the wine growers brought us their grapes blessed with a wonderful maturity. Our rosé wines are made from Tannat, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Once the grapes have been pressed, the juice extracted is placed in vats and the alcoholic fermentation can commence. After several months of vinification, a team composed of wine grower members and employees meet together in order to assemble and create our future rosés. With this cooperative mindset, each assemblage is carried out with a desire to create a well-balanced and gourmet rosé. The wines are bottled in the Spring in order to preserve their fruit and the freshness of the wine. 

To liven up your aperitifs, lift your grilled meats or enhance your desserts, our oenologist Federico Giovannetti will shed light on pairing ideas for our rosé wines. 

Kattalin rosé 

With a beautiful expression of Cabernet grapes, this organic vintage from the Wine Cellar is the pure expression of fruity flavours. A pale rose colour, the Kattalin rosé is characterised by a fine and delicate nose, with aromas reminiscent of citrus fruits and aromatic herb and balsamic notes. As for the taste, it is balanced with a fresh entry on the palate and a rich finish. This rosé will give prominence to Asian cuisine, like prawn spring rolls, this dish will reveal all the grapefruit aromas of this wine. For Summer meals, it will go perfectly with a tomato and mozzarella starter, a trout ceviche or even a summer vegetable quiche. As for meat, pairing it with marinated lemon and cumin chicken kebabs will be a great surprise for your tastebuds. 


Mignaberry rosé

Produced from  Cabernet Franc and Tannat grapes in equal quantities, the Mignaberry rosé is an emblematic product of the Irouleguy Wine Cellar. Its white peach and pomegranate notes will surprise you from the first mouthful where you will also distinguish small red berry notes. On the palate, the complex structure of this wine between freshness and acidity, offsets its indulgence. This vintage is the perfect ally for this Summer, whether with a pissaladière (a French oignon tart), prawns on the plancha or a red berry fruit salad. To play the Basque card, pairing it with grilled baby trout with almonds will delight your guests. Off season, the Mignaberry rosé pairs perfectly with grilled meat or even a carrot gratin.



Produced mainly from Tannat grapes, this vintage’s full body makes it stand out. With A pale rose colour of an intense onion skin, Argi is a full-bodied wine with a beautiful balance. The nose is very intense with an essence of rose and blackcurrant buds. On the palate, it is characterised by a lively freshness and an elegant bitter note for the finish. Argi has a beautiful floral complexity with nuances of violet and lime tree. With its density, this vintage will accompany all Mediterranean dishes, like the tagine, the moussaka or couscous. Serving it with grilled meats or fish on the plancha would also be an excellent idea. And finally for a picnic, it will go well with cold meat platters, a niçoise salad or even a spicy gazpacho. 

With all these ideas, it’s up to you to discover your favourite match ! 

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