Elgarrekin, Everyone together, at the Irouleguy Wine Cellar

Elgarrekin, Everyone together


« Elgarrekin », « Everyone together » in English, has become the signature of the Irouleguy Wine Cellar and it represents our daily driving force in the life of the Cooperative. Elgarrekin is related to the sharing, solidarity and the mutual aid that the winegrowers and the team in the Cooperative have promoted as the pillar of this cooperative system. Elgarrekin is a hommage to humans, the fundamental element of the Irouleguy Wine Cellar.

Elgarrekin is the root of the reason why the cooperative was built, with the union of 9 wine growers behind the creation of the Irouleguy Wine Cellar in 1952.

Elgarrekin A collective of 39 winegrowers and 16 employees who work together at every stage of the wine cycle. This union of skills and convictions enables us to elaborate quality wines as a result of the work carried out beforehand in the vineyard, then in the warehouse during the vinification and the maturing of the wines and finally the care taken with the packaging and the sales.

Elgarrekin A community system, where winegrowers and employees exchange and debate during commissions for each decisive advance, which enables a sharing of skills and mutual aid between everyone.

Elgarrekin Being a winegrower and cooperative member is more than just a job, it’s a family history, a torch that can be handed over. For our winegrowers, transmitting is a commitment on all levels : agricultural, property, the transmission of expertise, skills, values. In the Irouleguy vineyard, land is handed down, with its DNA, its history, culture and language.

Elgarrekin The work and support from our partners, where together we participate in the development and the recognition of the AOC Irouleguy reflecting the image of our wine cellar.

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